PLEASE READ MY BLOG will discuss the genesis of FriendLilySHOP and what factors I consider as I develop it. Feedback is appreciated (email on site) and in fact it is required. We all work in a vacuum and ignoring other’s ideas would be a mistake.

I will use a lot of bullet points in the BLOG. Bullet points allow me to break down an explanation into simple parts, plus they mask my poor syntax skills.

When the idea of starting an e-site began I needed to draw inspiration and insight from my past.

My businesses career started when I was fifteen and began working at my father’s pharmacies. 

I witnessed the interaction between customers and staff in a pretty busy place over 15 years.

As the owner’s son I was coddled and protected from any drama or confrontations, or you would think, but that was not the truth. When you are exposed to working with a parent for 15 years you see it all. I worked with my father every Saturday, throughout summer breaks and filled in when needed there was no way my father or his staff could hide anything. My father and his staff were very open with me about business. Those were the best lessons.

What I saw and understood was that no business is perfect, and you have to face and correct problems as they occur, and always make changes to keep the experience fresh. In other words manage relationships of the customer, employee and supplier.

Those lessons from years of retail experience can be applied to developing an on-line store – my goal is to incorporate and be observant of those experiences

  • on-line or in person you need to have empathy for your customers, and understand them (personas)
  • listen to the employees, who are real-time data collectors 
  • you need to constantly keep the retail floor or website fresh
  • ask customers questions to make sure they are thoroughly served and find out if there were products, they would like you to carry 
  • be important to your suppliers – it helps for pricing, exclusive deals, and delivery timelines 
  • make sure your suppliers are important to you  – see previous
  • resolve issues quickly
  • use the “Hey Norm” effect – know your customer’s name and what they purchase – technology now enables helpful customizing
  • be real, transparent, acknowledge mistakes and include all the things as a consumer you would want – again – have empathy

I want this blog to be like my experience at the pharmacy, honest and educational. As the reader I know you are too busy to read platitudes of how this company is the best thing and it is always a blue sky day and event free.  

I will explain to you, not market at you. is about the stories of the stakeholders, but it begins with FriendLilySHOP’s story.

I do not want this to be just a blah, blah, blog.

THE NEXT BLOGS will breakdown each of the stakeholder of the site – charities, vendors, advertisers and the consumer.