Wicked Thai Maple Sauce 350 ml Suzanne’s Hot Stuff


Inspired by my childhood, growing up in Montreal, Quebec. Maple Syrup was always in our fridge and on our table. Every year in school we would go on an outing to the “Cabane à Sucre” as it is called in French, “Sugar Shack” in English. Tasting that Maple Syrup right off the boil, rolling fresh syrup in the snow to make Maple Syrup popsicles and then finishing off the trip with an amazing freshly made eggs, beans, bacon, saugage & pancake breakfast are memories that will last for a lifetime. The love of Maple Syrup has continued into my adult life and I always tell my friends and family, “there is no substitute for the real thing!” Once you’ve had the real thing you cannot go back! So, to help you understand this inspiration, Thai food is my absolute favourite food besides West Indian/Caribbean food, which is in my blood. Chili Thai Sauce being my go to dipping sauce, the match was made in Food Heaven. All natural ingredients. GLUTEN FREE!

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