Shipping and Returns:

What is your shipping and return policy?

See our return policy here

Where do you ship to?

We offer free shipping Canada wide! International shipping is currently unavailable.

Will my packages ship from one location?

Orders that include items from multiple vendors will all ship individually from each vendor.

Can I track my package(s)?

Yes. Each customer will be given a tracking code(s) that will allow them to track their items.

Do you offer international shipping?

Not at this time

Is my shipping carbon neutral?

We are in the process of working with our supplies to offer this! Our current vendors were selected based on their sustainability models and we try our best to keep all packaging to a minimum.


How long does it take to receive an order?

Shipping times will vary depending on the area of the country that our customers and vendors are located. We aim for 7 day shipping.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, and Visa Debits

What currency are prices listed in?

Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Do you offer gift cards?

Gift cards are coming soon!

Can I include a gift note with my order?

Not yet

How much of my order is donated?

10% of each purchase pre-tax is donated to the selected charity.


How can I stay up-to-date with new things happening at Friendlilyshop.com?

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive news, offers, and more. When you signup, an extra 2% of your pre-tax purchase is donated to the selected charity!

Our Story & Who We Work With:

What is our mission, vision, values?


Help charities receive contributions and tell their story and support Canadian businesses.


Tell the stories of our stakeholders (charities, businesses, advertisers) to educate and inspire the consumer.


Passion; FriendLilySHOP, like any business must have PASSION. PASSION carries a business forward and inspires new ideas, excellence and determination.

Unity; FriendLilySHOP was created to demonstrate that a collective mind can make real change. Unity does shape, advance, and drive the momentum of a community. 

Impact; FriendLilySHOP looks at each decision in terms of how it can positively impact each stakeholder.

Share; FriendLilySHOP wants visitors to hear about life experiences and community challenges to encourage understanding and action. Sharing is caring.

What kind of vendors do we work with?

Canadian businesses with a great product and awesome story!

How does FriendLilySHOP profit?

Each purchase on FriendLilySHOP earns us a small profit. Customers purchase items at the retail value. We then pay the vendor the cost of the item and deduct the shipping costs and the 10% charitable contributions. The remaining balance after deductions is considered revenue.

Revenue will also be generated from on-site page advertising. We will offer paid ad placements on the website and we split this revenue with charities, suppliers and FriendLilySHOP.


How do I become a vendor?

Sign Up if you’re a Canadian business interested in listing with us! We will help you set up an account and get you started on making sales.

How do I manage my inventory?

Each vendor will be given an account where they can see their sales. It will be the suppliers responsibility to keep their inventory up-to-date.

Do I ship my own products?


Can I add new items myself?

With your assigned vendor account you can submit items for review. All items, however, will need to be approved for sale by FriendLilySHOP before they’re listed.

When and how will I be paid out for items sold?

Vendors will be paid through cheque or e-transfer when each order is shipped and confirmed.

Do I receive advertising funds?

Yes, advertisers can take one of two spots on your supplier page. 50% to you and 50% to FriendLilySHOP.


How can we sign up to be a charity on FriendLilySHOP?

Visit our sign-up page here. Enter your information and your charity will be contacted.

When and how will we receive contributions?

As contributions are accumulated it will be mutually decided with FriendLilySHOP what timeframe or monetary amount makes sense.

Does anybody get a charitable donation receipt?


Does the charity receive advertising funds?

Yes, advertisers can take one of two spots on your page. 50% to you and 50% to FriendLilySHOP.

Can I make a donation in cash directly to the charities?

Yes, we have links on the site that make it easy to reach their sites.


Do I decide where I advertise (i.e individual supplier’s/charity’s page)?

Yes, as long as there is space available.

Do I have a video to tell my story on the site?



Can I select which charities I support?

Yes, you may select from the listed charities on FriendLilySHOP.com. Don’t see your favourite charity? Please suggest any that you would want to support and we will consider contacting them.

How does my purchase support charities?

When you shop on FriendLilySHOP.com, 10% of your pre-tax purchase is donated to a charity of your choosing. Your selected charity will determine where the money is used. The individual charity’s video on the site is a great indication of where the funds will go.

Can I make a donation in cash directly to the charities?

Yes, we have links on the site that make it easy to reach their sites.